Professional Ragdoll Cattery in Northern Europe

WCF Certified

Our cattery complies with all the WCF and EU health certifications.

Bred With Love

Our family cattery provides a loving environment for our cats and kittens.

Health Guarantee

We take care to ensure responsible breeding, prioritizing our cats’ health.

Bred with love, cradled with care

Our Story.

We are a small family owned Ragdoll cattery, founded in 2022. We have always loved cats, and see them as a big part of our family. Ever since we decided to spread the word of this adorable cat to our little region of the world, we have taken the responsibility very seriously.

We take great pride in providing a safe and caring environment for our kittens to grow in, and make sure they are healthy and well provided so that they can be adopted by your loving hands.

Since we are one of the very few Ragdoll catteries in Latvia, our duty is to ensure a conscientious breeding. Our cattery complies with responsible breeding guidelines and WCF (World Cat Federation) certifications. All of our Ragdolls come from healthy, genetically diverse bloodlines to minimize the risk of health disorders and prioritize their wellbeing.

Read more about responsible breeding here.

Adopting a cat from our cattery guarantees a healthy, loving, and loyal companion for many years to come.

What are Ragdolls?

About the Breed.

Possibly the sweetest cats in the universe

Why Ragdolls.

Known for their gentle and affectionate nature, Ragdolls are a unique breed of cat that has captured the hearts of cat lovers around the world. They are a large and sturdy breed, with distinctive blue eyes and soft, plush fur. Besides, Ragdolls are especially well-known for their calm and sweet personalities. They become extremely relaxed and limp like a ragdoll when held which makes them a wonderful, cuddly pet.

Learn more about the breed in this page.

Below we have listed a few top reasons why Ragdolls make a wonderful pet:

Gentle With Children

Ragdolls have a calm and docile demeanor, making them ideal for households with small children or other pets.

Affectionate & Sweet

This cat breed is known for their loving and cuddly nature, making them excellent companions for those seeking an affectionate life long friend.


These cats are quick learners and can be taught to do tricks or even walk on a leash, making them an engaging and interactive pet.

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About Our Cats.

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