Announcing Our Newest Blue Mitted Ragdoll Treasures – The Baron Litter

Blue Mitted Ragdoll kittens

With unparalleled enthusiasm and elation, we’re thrilled to announce that reservations are now open for three mesmerizing blue mitted Ragdoll kittens. Born on the 24th of November, 2023, in a delightful blend of grace and nobility, we present Baron Christoph von Fluffuccino, Baron John von Fluffuccino, and Baroness Diana von Fluffuccino, the newest members of our Fluffuccino family.

Baron Christoph von Fluffuccino (Reserved)

Cristoph emerges as the natural leader among his siblings, showcasing a bold and adventurous spirit. Unfazed by new faces, he exhibits a remarkable fondness for human companionship, always eager to engage and play, albeit with a preference for exclusive access to his toys. His darker fur and expressively sad eyes add to his unique charm, making him irresistibly endearing. 

Baron John von Fluffuccino (Reserved)

John, the cattery’s cherished mama’s boy, lavishes in the warmth and comfort of affection, frequently found seeking solace in laps and gentle holds. His coat is remarkably soft, making him a delight to touch, and his large, round eyes are a window to his gentle soul. John not only revels in the companionship of his human family but also enjoys spirited play with his siblings, showcasing his sociable nature.

Baroness Diana von Fluffuccino

Diana, the sole princess among her siblings, is a paragon of independence and playful spirit. While she values her autonomy, she equally cherishes engaging in playtimes with her brothers. Diana’s striking beauty is matched by her potential to develop the most luxurious, fluffy coat among her litter, promising to make her an extraordinary spectacle of Ragdoll elegance.

Update: Little Diana will be staying with us. Please, look forward to seeing more of her in the future. 💗

Sprung from the paws of World Champion Laki Latvian Miracle and International Champion GB*Cottoncandy BlizzardofCats, these kittens boast a lineage as adorable as their button noses.

Included in the adoption package

WCF Pedigree: You’ll receive the official WCF pedigree certificates, which serve as affirmations of their lineage and purebred status.

Pet Passports: Each kitten will be accompanied by their very own pet passport, detailing vaccination records.

Genetically Tested Lines: Their parents underwent genetic testing for HCM (result: n/n) and PKD (result: n/n), providing unequivocal assurance of their healthy genetic lineage.

Kitten Starter Kit: To make their transition into your loving home a seamless one, you will receive a complete kitten starter kit, thoughtfully curated with essentials for their early days in their new abode, along with some generous gifts from our sponsors.

All kittens are:
Blue Mitted Ragdoll kittens

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