Meet Amber and Arvo: Seal Mitted Ragdoll Kittens Ready for Adoption

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Update: Great news! Amber and Arvo have been adopted and are now enjoying their forever homes. Thank you for your love and support! Stay tuned for more adorable Ragdoll kittens coming soon.

With hearts brimming with love and excitement, we warmly invite you to meet our two precious Seal Mitted Ragdoll kittens, Amber and Arvo, from Litter A, born on June 20, 2023. These little guys have nestled a special place in our family’s hearts, and we are eager to find them a loving home where they will continue to be cherished and adored.

Meet Amber

Amber, one of our charming Seal Mitted Ragdoll kittens, possesses an endearing presence that’s impossible to resist. With a physique slightly larger than his brother Arvo, Amber exudes an inviting and laid-back aura. He enjoys being close to you and will happily snuggle up next to you, especially when it’s time to unwind. He’s a true companion who loves sharing quiet moments with his human friends. Amber’s soulful eyes reveal his deep affection and contentment, making him the ideal choice for those who appreciate a relaxed and loving feline companion.

Meet Arvo

Arvo, the brother of Amber, is the more adventurous of the two. He’s an inquisitive and playful Seal Mitted Ragdoll kitten who loves exploring his surroundings and discovering new adventures. Arvo’s striking blue eyes and striking coat are matched only by his boundless energy and curiosity. He’s a fearless little explorer and always up for a game of hide-and-seek or a playful chase with his favorite toys. Arvo’s zest for life and his endless enthusiasm make him a delightful addition to any family looking for a lively and spirited companion.

Included in the adoption package

WCF Pedigree: You’ll receive the official WCF pedigree certificates, which serve as affirmations of their lineage and purebred status.

Pet Passports: Each kitten will be accompanied by their very own pet passport, detailing vaccination records.

Genetically Tested Lines: Their parents underwent genetic testing for HCM (result: n/n) and PKD (result: n/n), providing unequivocal assurance of their healthy genetic lineage.

Kitten Starter Kit: To make their transition into your loving home a seamless one, you will receive a complete kitten starter kit, thoughtfully curated with essentials for their early days in their new abode, along with some generous gifts from our sponsors.

Both kittens are:

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