Meet our ragdoll kittens: The Coffee Berry twins

Meet the Coffee Berry twins: Coffee Bean Fluffuccino and his sister, Coffee Cherry Fluffuccino! Born on March 28, 2024, these little Ragdoll kittens are as delightful as their names suggest. With their soft, seal-mitted fur and big blue eyes, they’re truly the sweetest beans in the house.

Coffee Bean Fluffuccino (Reserved)

Meet Coffee Bean, the adorable explorer of the Coffee Berry litter. With his plush seal-mitted fur and sparkling blue eyes, Coffee Bean is a mischievous adventurer who delights in chasing toys and exploring every nook and cranny. After his spirited escapades, this little fluffball transforms into the sweetest cuddle bug, showering affection with gentle licks and purrs that melt even the coldest of hearts. Yet, despite his bravery during playtime, Coffee Bean has a hilarious nemesis: the vacuum cleaner! It sends him scampering for cover with the most comical of antics. Like his sister, he is a passionate foodie, especially when it comes to fresh meat.

Coffee Cherry Fluffuccino (Reserved)

Meet Coffee Cherry Fluffuccino, the little chatterbox of the Coffee Berry litter. With her seal-mitted fur and a charming white stripe on her face that makes it look as if she’s dipped her nose in whipped cream, she is irresistibly adorable. Always buzzing with energy and affection, she adores playtime and snuggles. When it’s time to eat, she becomes a serious foodie, with fresh meat being her absolute favorite. She once even indulged in a whole newborn chick! After her playful antics, though, she transforms into a cuddle expert, showering affection with gentle purrs and the occasional cute nose boop.

Together, Coffee Bean and Coffee Cherry bring joy and laughter to every moment, their lively spirits and loving nature making them the perfect companions for anyone seeking a blend of playful mischief and heartwarming cuddles.


Dam CH Latvian miracle UMA

Both parents have been tested for the most common Ragdoll inherited/genetic diseases HCM (result: n/n) and PKD (result: n/n).

Included in the adoption package

WCF Pedigree: You’ll receive the official WCF pedigree certificate, that serves as an affirmation of the kittens lineage and purebred status.
Pet Passports: Each kitten will be accompanied by their very own pet passport, detailing vaccination records.
Kitten Starter Kit: To make their transition into your loving home a seamless one, you will receive a thoughtfully curated kitten starter kit, generously provided by our sponsors, including all the essential items needed for your kitten’s first days in their new home.

Both kittens are:

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